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Job Compass: a portal that focuses on vocational training centers, municipalities, educational institutes and working placement agents, aiming at automatically matching workforce supply and demand.


ArgusERP: The only integrated system of designing, managing and utilizing enterprise resources concerning vocational training centers, constantly shifting, evolving to meet continuous and specialized needs of VTCs.


SharpCRM: a multilevel software that includes CRM,  project and document management. It can run in cooperation with Argus ERP or independently.

Welcome to RedSharp Solutions’ website, a dynamic and flexible IT services provider. Being fully aware of our capabilities, we created a strong team and established a network of collaborations with people and organizations that have deep knowledge and capabilities to contribute by bringing in their own field of expertise. The philosophy behind software development and cooperation that characterizes us, demands the usage of state of the art technologies towards software development.

Through these pages, we provide continuous and real time update concerning the software we develop and the services we offer. Our customers through a series of advanced web functions, enjoy a set of useful updates concerning their software support, instant and sufficient troubleshooting, constant education etc.