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Who we are

RedSharp Solutions is a dynamic and flexible IT services company in Patras.

Our manpower consists of leading professionals with extensive experience in enterprise software and services; as a result they deliver innovative products and services, making the most out of the cutting edge technology.

The company specializes in designing, developing and offering software as well as providing integrated enterprise support services.

Our philosophy

In order to provide software in our days, a series of preconditions must be combined…


There must be a combination of: identification of needs, existence of suitable development tools, technological abilities and vision concerning the pursuit of technological abilities exploitation that will move the software forward.

In the old times, and by saying “old” in the field of software, we consider 2-3 years ago, all that could be provided by a single individual who, given a relative talent, could deliver important projects by himself.

Nowadays, this is history. The technological revolution that takes place, demands the functional integration of various different technologies towards software development and therefore, leaves no space. Words such as ASP.Net, C#, Web 2.0, AJAX, SQL Server, Web Services, Smart Clients, etc are shared among many people who synchronize and share their abilities to turn the vision into reality.

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Cutting edge technologies

The philosophy of developing software and cooperating that characterizes us, requires the usage of cutting edge technologies towards software development. We, in RedSharp Solutions, never stop utilizing new technologies and ideas in the fields of software development and engineering.

Software potential

The philosophy that characterizes the structure of the Job compass software is incorporated within the abilities of the software we develop. The concept of cooperation is constantly being repeated:

  • Software interoperability
  • Interoperability among installations, therefore increased levels of cooperation – opportunities among users (customers)
  • Dynamic Cooperation and interaction between RedSharp Solution and clients beyond the purchased software.

A basic parameter of our policy is the constant and quality support to the customer, after the sale, as well as the frequent release of new versions of our products, providing maximum reliability. The new versions do not incorporate only regulatory interventions but also constitute of a range of technological updates; the latter enrich and upgrade according to customer requirements and market needs.

Indicative projects

Our company has completed a large number of projects, either independently or through cooperating with other. Indicatively, we mention some of them below:


Creation of a monitoring mechanism of the organization chart. Development, upgrade and regularization of ηλεκτρονικοποιηση of the clientele vocational training centres - VTCs (for all the parties involved, ie clients, trainees, trainers and companies).

Upgrade of the transactors’ records up to the level of function for the record and process of information at multiple levels of the enterprise’s cooperations in relation to the offered products and services. Monitoring of contacts and execution of mass communication activities (campaigns etc.). Personnel guidance in carrying out daily communications.


Development of a centralized document management and storage application, interconnected with our Enterprise resource planning application (ERP) and the project management application, so that every document is categorized into the following: the project, the department of the company that is involved as well as the transactor it concerns. Ability to conduct multiple and advance document searches per project, user, group, transactors as well as key words.


Δημιουργία της δομής διαχείρισης των έργων του φορέα σε πολλαπλά επίπεδα ως προς το φυσικό και οικονομικό αντικείμενο, in multiple levels concerning the monitoring of the progress of the φυσικού αντικειμένου, division of the flow per department, σημείο δραστηριότητας, per human resources unit, ability for constant monitoring and interrelation to the implementation (including the financial aspects) as it evolves in time, ability to compare the implementation of each project or project unit with the initial design etc.