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Our product is the only integrated software for design, planning, management and utilization of enterprise resources for Vocational Training Centres (VCTs).

It was initially conceived in 1997 by Dimitris Drossos, executive of our company, and which has ever since been dynamically evolving, constantly adopting to the ever changing needs and  demands of vocational training centers.
Nowadays, more than 90 VTCs utilize our software, offering more than 70% of the total vocational training at a national level. Our company supports and offers Argus ERP# which, apart from Argus, includes a specialized system of document and list deployment as well as a series of new tools and features (SharpManager etc)

The functionality of Argus includes:

The full support concerning the institutional framework of VTCs.
Interoperability with external software (add-ons) which is able to conduct specialized supportive to ArgusERP features and functions. This is the mechanism, through which, prerequisite documents concerning the institutional framework, are deployed.

  • General and Cost Accounting Management adapted to the specific context
  • Central and common collection and storage of data.
  • Central and common management of educational and financial progress.
  • Full utilization of the dynamics offered through the Internet, providing access to staff independently of their geographic location, through the usage of terminal servers.