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ArgusERP # adopts a security system that offers a range of features but is simple and easy to use. Through the management console security, the system administrator has the following options:
  • User account management: User creation and management, so that every user has their own system passwords (username και password), parallel to the supplementary information for them (name, surname, address, telephone, department etc).
  • Role management: development and management of independent units (for example secretary support, education, branches etc) so that every user has separately rights of usage. Every user can have one or more roles, exercising respectively rights.
  • Right management: the ability to manage security rights, so that one can choose whether an activity or form, can be projected and processed, data can be added, data can be processed or erased etc.
  • Flexible users’ data management: over the internet, one can change the users’ data, for example, when more than one users request usage.