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ArgusERP# is constantly evolving and adapting to meet new needs. As an integrated solution, it can provide the following supportive features:
  • Argus Update: Ability to automatic search and download of Argus updates through Internet.
  • Automatic update / installation: the update and installation of newer versions is an automatic and integrated process, which includes the share of updates to all the Argus terminals via internet.
  • Remote support: Ability to instant and real time update with just a click. Through the main menu, the user can activate and implement the remote support feature. Through this mechanism, the user can choose to share their desktop with the authorized support provider.
  • Online help system: Through the Argus application and by choosing ‘Help’, a web page opens, explaining the features, the characteristics as well as the fields that must be fulfilled etc of the exact form that the user is processing within the software. The web pages can be found online, are instantly available and constantly updated to provide real time support.