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The portal, apart from being able to function independently, can also be fully interoperable with our ERP for VTCs, ArgusERP. The characteristic of interoperability creates the following advantages:

  • Instant and constant automatic update of trainees and companies in ARGUS with the potential employees and employers in the portal.
  • Full utilization of the Argus customization. Through this, all the employment skills, business activities etc that are being used in Argus, can be utilized in the portal, achieving the portal’s rapid operation.
  • The portal’s operations are complementary to Argus operations, concerning the supervision of trainees after the training but also in relation to the promotion of employment. Thus, after training, trainees who wish, may input data (username, password) to the portal which will be automatically registered into their CV and therefore be able to visit in order to facilitate job search. The same can be done accordingly for Argus work placement companies. Companies that wish, can seek for login information so that when visiting the portal, can seek their own candidates for potential job openings.