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Job compass is a fully scalable portal that refers to vocational training centers, municipalities, educational institutes and work placement agents, aiming at την μηχανογράφιση of the work promotion, as well as its efficiency. It optimizes the job search process by unemployed applicants or employees and searches suitable staff for employers.
The job compass, as an open architecture platform, provides the ability to provide aesthetic and functional adaptation up to the specific requirements of each customer. This gives the possibility to adapt the format (color, shape, etc.) as well as content, with the addition of easy procedures in addition to pages and functions.

More specifically, the portal’s websites have been developed in ASP.Net and C#, providing the customer with the ability to develop additional static or dynamic webpages (html, aspx) and incorporate them.

The portal incorporates Master Pages and Asp.Net’s Themes: The customer can develop their own aesthetics by changing colors, designs and images. Additionally, by creating new pages and incorporating the available parametrical controls, uniqueness within the portal is achieved, linking it with the existing site.

The application has been developed in a WEB 2.0 environment and is fully supported by Microsoft’s .NET framework, fully utilizing its advantages. For its design and development, all the modern technologies that we in RedSharp Solutions develop, have been utilized. Indicatively, these technologies include Ajax, ASP.NET etc. The result is, an excellent sense of use as well as a very prompt time of response, even with low bandwidths.
We should also mention that, our company, responding to our customers’ evolving needs as well as the market challenges that constantly arise, is continuously and incessantly working towards developing new and updated versions, which are installed through automated processes to our clients, within our support.

  • Based on Microsoft ASP.NET Framework
  • Incorporated feature HTTP Compression
  • Interoperability ΑJAX
  • Compatible with XHTML 1.1
  • Interoperable with ArgusERP : Argus tables and lists of trainees and companies is interoperable and automatically updates and parallel being updated by the portal’s lists of employers and potential employees
  • Fully adaptable and parametrical: It incorporates ASP.NET Themes and MasterPages. All of the portal’s graphics, colors and controls can be changed and adopted to the body’s needs.
  • Ability to incorporate new pages, empowering the portal’s content.
  • Ability to develop and add new pages, not only html ones but aspx dynamic type ones.
  • Ability to incorporate all of the body’s web pages so that it functions as a Web Portal
  • Built in controls which can be adjusted and used in any of the pages the client chooses. Such controls provide statistical information, news, user information, training programs (applies to VTCs), popular geographical areas in accordance to job search, popular job descriptions etc.
  • Parametrical system of users’ sign up and serve of username and password. The account activation feature is optional.
  • Incorporated system of history recording and statistical projections including the portal’s visits, popular browsers, users’ preferences in real times
  • News management of the portal with an advanced on line word pad.
  • Page management system so that pages with limited access can be developed (either by employees, either by employers, either both)
  • Constant support by RedSharp with updates and new version, which are automatically downloaded and installed, updating the existing version to a newer without deleting the existing pages.
  • Functions of employees and employers sign up, with the ability to attach an analytic cv and job description adds accordingly.
  • Functions of fast and parametric adds and cv’s, in accordance to desired criteria as well as automatic match with available job descriptions.