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SharpCRM provides the ability to mass contact all the transactors of the vocational training center. The overall mechanism is fairly simple. The user can process the existing records and/or create target groups and send mass letters, sms or emails. This feature results in an important cost saving for the VTC, parallel to all the other offered sollutions. Indicatively, our solution minimizes the cost per sms up to the ? of the initial cost*.

Furtehrmore, indirect advantages are extended when taking into account that delivery status is also provided. Mass communication can support mass marketing actions or/and communication with all the existing transactors. For example, an announcement for payments or an unscheduled change in the timetable can be made instantly, through the press of a button, lowering overall costs, saving valuable time, increasing VTC staff’s efficiency, securing, reinforcing and achieving seamless contacts.




*Taking into account mean prices for sms provider offers for April 2010