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SharpCRM is a highly specialized platform that consists of a CRM, a project management and a document management application. SharpCRM is the only Customer Relationship Management suite specialized and highly focused towards modern vocational training bodies’ needs. SharpCRM was developed, after an intense study, interaction and cooperation with a series of Vocation Training Centers (VTCs), recording, prioritizing and assessing their real needs.

SharpCRM’s development has been an important part of our company’s wider effort to provide specialized and customized solutions concerning the competitive environment of vocational education in Greece. It is fully functional either as an independent platform or interoperable with ArgusERP# and JobCompass. In the second case, it can extend ArgusERP# and JobCompass inner project mechanisms and further utilize transactor, companies, trainees and trainers records, linking them with the related documents, tasks, projects, campaigns, opportunities etc offering a wide range of automated functions.

SharpCRM provides the following key areas of operation: