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Another feature that SharpCRM provides, is task management, Users can add new tasks, which can be fully defined in time terms (eg task started, finished, duration etc). The user can also develop a fully functional and interactive time table, add repeated tasks, divide the task into subtasks, add information and monitor a task’s progress.

Finally, in each task, SharpCRM provides the “reminder” feature – fully customized in relation to the user’s special characteristics; among others, the user can evaluate the importance of the task as well as the percentage of the task’s accomplishment. Task management provides the body with fully utilization of human resources; this is achieved by offering the tools for maximum performance and organization of duties combined with the best possible cooperation. This mechanism minimizes human error factors and maximizes efficiency. 



Every user has the ability to monitor all the tasks, projects, opportunities, campaigns that are of their concern in an aggregate summary view. More specifically, a projection of the user’s tasks, projects and/or opportunities can be foreseen as well as the ones that concern the other users. The user can have a series of available options; among others they can choose daily, weekly or monthly projection with all the VTC’s activities as well as in a timetable projection. The user can also choose to project all the above data as well as the running campaigns in a list format, in which, all the remaining responsibilities and/or existing deficiencies can be projected. With just a click, the user can gain insight to valuable detail concerning tasks, projects, campaigns and/or opportunities and projects, therefore they can monitor all the information that accompanies them.